Sponge Toffee | Cityline

CityLine | Sponge Toffee


Wow your friends and family this season with this chocolatey take on a traditional holiday dessert.

Sponge toffee


580 grams white sugar
150 grams corn syrup
30 grams baking soda
15 grams vanilla paste/extract
90 grams water
500 grams dark chocolate, cut into small pieces

Add sugar, syrup and water to a medium size saucepan. Stir until sugar dissolves (medium-high heat) continue to cook until candy thermometer reaches 300F (hard crack).

Remove from heat add vanilla and stir in baking soda, pour onto a parchment-lined tray. Let cool. Break into pieces.

To temper chocolate, melt 300 grams chocolate in a double boiler until 122F.

Remove from heat, add remaining chocolate to bowl, stir till melted. Bringing temperature down to 81F.

Place back onto boiler bring temperature up to 86F.

Pour half onto cooled sponge toffee with a palate knife spread evenly.

When harden, flip over and repeat again. Let set cut into pieces.

Note: If using milk chocolate, melted temperature 113F, cooled temperature 81F, reheated temperature is 84F.


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