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Thanksgiving traditions: rutmousse.

This similar to our family recipe, I will be posting our’s soon!


I am interested to see how many people have ever heard of or tasted rutmousse (pronounced “root mousse”).  A quick internet search uncovered almost nothing, just a few random mentions of a root vegetable mash, which is basically what rutmousse is. But it is so much more…! My early memories of this dish are fuzzy– as a child I was not terribly excited about turnip casserole, but as I got older I began to like it more and more. I remember it as part of my Mom’s Thanksgiving dinners and (I believe) my aunt and grandmother’s Christmas Eve smorgasbord. My beloved family cookbook includes the recipe, so it’s been on my Thanksgiving menu for the past few years; I even have a special orange casserole dish I use every time I make some. Rutmousse on the table is a nod to my Swedish Nana and a symbol of how important…

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