Guidelines for Brining Poultry

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The secret to perfect juicy chicken and turkey is simple – Brine them before cooking!

This is the secret that {most} chefs never tell you about. It’s very easy and economical, and requires no special cookware.
Brining is like a marinade, as it keeps food moist and tender. Brining or salting is a way of increasing the moisture holding capacity of meat resulting in a moister product when it is cooked. Salt changes the structure of the muscle tissue in the meat which allows it to swell and absorb water and flavorings which results in a tender turkey or chicken once cooked.

Who wouldn’t want to eat a tender, moist, and flavorful turkey for their Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner? Give it a try!

I Had the pleasure of talking with Chef Randy Feltis and it was him that introduce me to this. The link at the top has a mix of variations, but the following is what Randy told me.

“@ChefRandyF 1 cup of salt to 1 gallon of water + flavorings min of 1 hour per pound. Hmmmm ferrari turkey! Watch your seasonings in the gravy”

This will cook a bit faster than if you didn’t brine. While it was brining we zested 1 each of lemon, orange, and manderin orange, cut them in half squeezed the juices and threw in the halves….. the aroma is amazing.

I will follow up with a post of how it turned out.


Our bird was 12 1/2 Kg (about 26 Lbs), so we had to use a cooler to brine the Turkey.

We required…

16 Ltrs (4 Gallons) Water

4 cups of Salt

1 each Lemon, Orange, Manderine Orange


Wash turkey inside and out, put bird in large enough container to submerge the entire bird.

Disolve salt in water and pour over poultry until completely covered.

Zest the citrus right over the salt water, cut them in half, squeeze the juice in and throw in the halves.

Leave the turkey soaking (our require 24 hours) rotate/flip half way through.

Rinse thoroughly, twice.

We stuffed and roasted for 4 1/2 hours until the thickest part of the breast was 165ºF the thighs were 205ºF.

Let rest for 20 – 30 mins

This was simply amazing! I have never in my life had a turkey as juicy and tender as this, you could effortlessly cut with a fork!

I strongly recommend you try this atleast once.


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