Jerk Seasoning Recipe

Dear Sweetie

“When everything’s coming your way you’re in the wrong lane.”  Steven Wright

Christmas is about a week away and I still have some shopping to finish.  And there are always those certain people who are a bit challenging to buy a gift for.  (“Do we really have to get a gift for her?!”)  Yes.  We really have to get a gift for her.

Fortunately, I’ve been immersed in my Paleo cookbooks and have discovered herbs and spices.  In one particular book, “Well Fed 2” by Melissa Joulwan, there are even recipes for spice mixtures that you can make by your very own self.  In little jars these spice mixtures make lovely, thoughtful, cheap holiday gifts.

However, I’ve found that Joulwan’s recipes are just a bit too spicy for my delicate palette, and so I’ve tweaked them a bit.  Here is my tweaked version of her Jerk Seasoning Recipe.


1 T salt

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