Goats cheese, blue berry tarts. A marriage made in Devon

ice cream magazine

Goats cheese, blue berry tarts – the recipe

I know the title says ice cream magazine but sometimes a little savoury before the sweet cleanses, tempts and re-inspires the palette.

The following bite size pastries use sharp yet soft goats cheese we use Sharphams Ticklemore (brilliant name) or Riverside Goats cheeses from Woolfardisworthy (on the subject of brilliant names) and the blueberry jam comes from Dartmoor.  Its flavour is made excellent with fresh zingy lime.

Larger open tarts can be made and served with confit shallots and crunchy walnuts for a lush lunch. Lightly dress an endive salad with a lime and walnut vinaigrette.   Serve with inexpensive bubbles or a Sauvignon blanc.

A marriage made in Devon.

To make:

Use all butter puff or short crust ( bought of homemade )

Blueberry jam, frozen blueberries boiled to make a jam with lime and a decent soft goats cheese are all…

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