So You Forgot You Committed to Bring Snacks…

I love the pinwheels


If you’re anything like me, you are constantly offering to bring a side dish/dessert/snack to dinners/baby showers/get togethers…. you catch my drift. And then the inevitable happens. You forget. Talk about embarrassing. Maybe you remember the day before and still have time to get to the store. Or if you are still like me, you forget until the day of, you remember while you are eating lunch at work, run by the grocery store on your way home, and have 42.7 minutes to prepare something amazing. Because you have a wicked pride streak that will not allow you to show up to a partying carrying only a fruit tray. You just WON’T, okay? Yeah, this happened to me just yesterday. But fear not!! I have some DELISH options that I have proven myself can be done in 20 minutes or less. 

Option #1: Ranch and bell pepper pinwheels


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