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Scottish Shortbread

Scottish Shortbread
Scottish Shortbread
Best served aged, will keep indefinitely if refrigerated, can be frozen.
1 lb. Butter
1 lb. Lard
1 lb. Brown Sugar
12-14 (+/-) Cups Flour
1. Leave butter and lard out to soften.
2. Mix butter and lard together. Work with fingers adding a cup of flour at a time (up to 7 – 8 cups). Turn out on to table and knead in more flour, as much as you can in 1 hour. This should be crumbly
3. Put in 4 shallow 8″ cake pans and press together 3/4 to 1″ thick. Pierce with fork several times.
4. Bake in moderate oven (325 °F) till golden brown, about 45 min.
5. Top Shelf of oven is best.
  • Prior to baking, we cut the dough into wedge slices so it would be easier to break into pieces.
  • Great Grandma always said “Never cut Shortbread, if you cut short bread you cut the short” I have no idea what that means…. but if you cut the dough it is fine, if you cut it afterwards it does not seem as nice.
  • One of the batches I just made I also mixed in some almond flour (about 2 1/2 cups) in place of the other flour.
  • A cousin of mine insists it should be unbleached white flour (as they didn’t have all the other types when this was created.)